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    KFHL Rules

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    The Golden Rule: Anyone can find a way around a rule. No one can make a rule for every possible circumstance. The league reserves the right to question any behavior or action that is deemed detrimental to the league. The league also reserves the right to cancel any move that is made through a loophole. If you feel there is something that needs to be added to the rulebook, notify one of the commissioners so that we can review and add it if needed.

    "The League" currently consists of:

    Co-Commissioner: Kenny Melo
    Co-Commissioner: Tyson Freitas

    Section A: The Inaugural Draft

    This Fantasy hockey league will involve two different drafts:

    1- an inaugural draft where all roster players are to be selected
    2- a prospects draft

    1. The Inaugural Draft will consist of 23 rounds. Any player drafted in 2009 or before can be selected as long as he in under contract to a current NHL team. Picks will be assigned a specific time block. In the first 5 rounds, you will be given 5 minutes to make your selection. If you exceed the time limit, then next GM will make their selection and you will get another minute to draft your next player. A 10 minute break if necessary will be taken at the end of round 7 and 14. Rounds 6-23 each GM will then have 2 minutes per selection. If the team before you has already selected, you can make your selection at any point. After your time block has expired, the next team may make its selection regardless if you have made your choice or not but you can also make your missed selection at any point afterwards.

    Players not drafted in the inaugural draft will be made UFAs.

    2. The Prospects Draft will consist of 10 rounds. The farm can have an unlimited about of prospects, PROSPECTS CANNOT BE SIGNED AS UFA'S, ONLY DRAFTED. To qualify as a rookie you need:

    -A player who is 24 years old or under and has played 65 NHL games or less (once he turns 25, he must be placed on bench or active roster)
    -A goaltender who is 26 years old or under and has played 30 NHL games or less (once he turns 27, he must be placed on bench or active roster)

    Once a player surpasses the criteria, he will need to be added to your roster (if he is under contract to an NHL team) or released to UFA if the player is unsigned. Players on the roster or bench who qualify as prospects can be moved back and forth as needed.

    Section B: Annual Entry Draft

    1. Rookie Draft: Every year, we will hold a rookie draft which consists of 5 rounds from the NHL entry draft. The draft will be held after the NHL entry draft. Only players taken in the entry draft by NHL teams will be available for the rookie draft.

    The order of selection will be determined by the leagues standings. In a 10 team league, the last place team will get 10 balls into the lottery draft, the 1st place finisher will get 1 ball. This will help prevent teams from intentionally tanking to gain a top pick.

    Section C: Team Names

    Each General Manager will have the option to choose his/her team name. The team’s city must be a city that has had a franchise in the NHL either past or present. ie: Hamilton, Winnipeg, Quebec.

    Section 1: Rosters

    Roster positions will be determined by the NHLPA website. So even if a defenseman plays 5 games at forward, if he's not listed on NHLPA as a forward, you must keep him as a defenseman. The same applies for forwards who play games as a defenseman.

    1. Pro Roster: The pro roster will consist of an active roster and a bench. Only players on the active roster will gain points for the team. The active roster will consist of 12 forwards, 6 defensemen and 2 goaltenders. Each team MUST have the proper number of players for each required position in their active roster.

    2. The Bench: The bench will consist of 5 players who will sit out for that week. Any points accumulated by bench players will not count towards the final total.

    3. Farm Roster: The farm roster will consist of 5 prospects. To qualify as a prospect (see section A.2)

    During the offseason, the restrictions on rosters may become a little more relaxed to allow player movement to occur. Teams will be allowed over the cap.

    4. Each team must ice the BEST POSSIBLE roster out of their available players. No team can intentionally "tank" to try to gain a better pick for the entry draft.

    Note: Tanking involves placing better players on the bench to plugs in their place. You cannot sit Nicklas Lidstrom to give Andy Wozniewski more playing time.

    Section 2: Transactions

    1. Trades: All trades are to be posted in the Final Trade Proposal thread of the Transactions Forum. Trades will only be reviewed and processed on Fridays (end of the player week salaries) (reasoning is that each player will be counted against the cap at a weekly rate.

    There are to be no trades for ‘future considerations’

    If a trade is deemed too lopsided, it will be rejected. This is to prevent disgruntled GMs from completely ruining a team that might be taken over by future GM.

    2. Waivers and free agents: A free agent is a player that has been drafted by an NHL team and is not currently owned by another team in this league. If you wish to sign a UFA, post it in the Free Agents thread section. First Come, First Serve! First person to post a request gets the player.

    Section 3: Salary Cap

    1. Salaries will be obtained from the nhlnumbers website.

    2. The Salary cap will be that of the current NHL season: $56,800,000. Players on the active roster and the bench will count towards the team's payroll. Players on the farm roster will not count towards the team's payroll.

    Note: The salary cap will not be in effect until September 30th. A Players cap hit will be determined on a weekly basis. ie. Alexander Ovechkin ($9,538,000 / 23 weeks in a season = $414,695.65 weekly cap hit) The weekly hit would equal out to be $0.41 of the maximum of $56.8 to be spent in a season for your complete roster. All current cap hits and salary cup will be posted in the forums on a week to week basis. Teams not under the cap following October 1st, a $1 fee per day will be added to the pot via the team violating the salary cap.

    3. Buy-outs:

    -Each team will have unlimited buy-outs until the NHL trading deadlines.
    -Buy-outs resume after league champion is awarded
    -All CBA cap hit rules apply.
    -Buy-out fees breakdown:
    League Minimum – 1.99 Million = $1
    2 Million - 3.99 Million = $2
    4 Million - 5.99 Million = $3
    6 Million + = $5

    4. Player Salaries:

    Actual player salaries are to be divided 1million times. ie. Alexander Ovechkin $9,538,000 equals to a $9 dollars and 53 cents player fee (no team can go over the salary cap of $56 dollars and 80 cents.

    Section 4: The Points System:

    The points system will be based on the actual NHL stats.

    2.00 Points For Each Goal / Assist
    1.00 Point For a Game Winning Goal
    1.00 Point For a Short Handed Point
    0.10 Point For +/-
    0.20 Point For Each PIM
    0.10 Point For a Hit

    5.00 Points For Each Win
    10.00 Points For Each Shutout

    Section 5: League Awards

    The following rewards will be given out at the end of the season:

    1. Team Awards:

    League Champions (highest point total)

    2. Individual awards:

    League MVP (Awarded to the player most valuable to his team)

    Criteria: This will be calculated by taking the highest league points player from each team and dividing it by their team's total fantasy points. The player who has contributed his team's highest percentage of points will be named the MVP.

    Leading Scorer (Awarded to the player with the most points)

    Most League Points (Awarded to the player with the most league points)

    Leagues Best Defenseman (Awarded to the Defenseman with the most league points)

    Leagues Best Goaltender (Awarded to the Goaltender with the most league points)

    GM of the Year – (Awarded to the league's top GM)

    Criteria: This will be voted on by all GMs to determine the GM who showed a sportsmanlike attitude and best managed his team during the course of the year.

    Section 7: Miscellaneous

    -The league uses the Live Chat Box (located at the bottom of the forum page) as its communication medium. It is highly advised to include your MSN contact info in your profile to help others get a hold of you for trade talks.

    -If you have any problems with another GM, please notify one of the commissioners. Just remember that there are often simple misunderstandings that are escalated into bigger issues than they really are. Try to be understanding of others and look to work out problems as best as possible.

    -If at any point you would like to quit, please notify one of the commissioners. There is nothing wrong with leaving the league and we understand real life can force some to have to change their priorities. All we ask is that you let us know so that we can find a replacement as soon as possible.

    -Remember that this is F-A-N-T-A-S-Y league. Do not take anything that happens here too seriously. Whether it's a rejected trade or a conflict with another GM, learn to enjoy the league for what it's worth. Life is just too short. You are here to have fun and if you are not having fun than there are hundreds of other leagues that you can join.

    -The league reserves the right to fire any GM who fails to participate and remain active, tries to abuse the rules repeatedly, or is caught cheating. Hopefully, this won't ever be necessary.

    -The league will handle all GM vacancies and hopefully fill them with qualified candidates. You may recommend someone but we will need to interview all candidates to ensure the integrity of the league.

    -The league heavily relies on the participation and ideas of all GMs to make this league as fun as possible. Please voice your opinion in a respectful way. The league is not required to change any rules or policies but will take all ideas into consideration in order to help improve the competition and atmosphere of the league.

    -The league reserves the right to alter the rules at anytime but will notify all GMs of the rule changes in a timely manner. Make sure to check the league announcements when you login to see if there have been any changes.

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